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Screen Printing

Silk screen printing. Serigraphy. Color

GET DOWN PRINT SHOP offers high-quality screen printing services with the capability to print up to 6 colors. Our service requires a minimum order of 100 pieces of your garment choice ensuring that you receive top-notch customized prints for your bulk apparel needs.


The basic process of silk screen printing involves the following steps:

  • Design Preparation: The desired image or design is created on a transparent material, such as a film or a stencil. Each color in the design requires a separate stencil.

  • Screen Preparation: A screen is prepared by stretching a fine mesh tightly over a frame. The areas of the mesh not covered by the stencil are blocked, creating a template for the design.

  • Ink Application: The screen is placed over the substrate, and ink is placed onto the screen above the stencil. A squeegee is then used to press the ink through the open areas of the mesh and onto the substrate below. The ink is forced through the mesh and transfers the design onto the substrate.​

  • Curing: Depending on the type of ink used, the printed substrate may need to go through a curing process. This typically involves drying the ink using heat, which helps to ensure that the ink adheres permanently to the substrate.

  • Repeat: If the design involves multiple colors, the process is repeated for each color layer. Each color requires a separate screen and stencil.


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